60 capsules

Balancing immunity in relation to diabetes treatment
Diabenox Capsules:
  • Scientifically proven to reduce excessive TNF-α, IFN-y and IL-17 which cause type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • 100% all natural plant-based ingredients

Take 2 capsules 2 times a day – 1 hour before meals or before bedtime


60 capsules in a bottle

Recommended for people suffering from diabetes

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Looking at the causes and symptoms of diabetes and the efficacy of BIM products
Diabenox Capsules

Proven to effectively reduce the secretion of TNF-α, IFN-y and IL-17, Diabenox capsule, is a dietary supplement developed from synergistic substances which are derived from extracts of mangosteen, black sesame, soy, Centella asiatica and guava.

In type 1 diabetes, the immune system which normally fights harmful bacteria or viruses – attacks and destroys the insulin-producing Beta cells in the pancreas (autoimmunity). This type of diabetes results from the loss of the insulin-producing beta cells produced by the pancreas, leading to insulin deficiency. Type 1 diabetes can be classified as an autoimmune disease in which the T-cells destroy the beta cells.

Type 2 diabetes is when the insulin receptors in the body cells do not respond properly to the insulin. Insulin is the substance that helps bring glucose, as a source of energy, to the cells in our bodies. Therefore, people who suffer from diabetes have high blood sugar (glucose) and ineffective insulin. If high blood sugar levels persist for a long time, this will damage blood vessels and nerve ending system. If diabetes is not properly treated it can lead to other diseases such as difficulty in the healing of wounds, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, blurred vision and stroke.

The white blood cells of diabetic patients secrete too much TNF-α, IFN-ƴ and IL-17, creating an overbalance of immunity. In the case of type 1 diabetes the oversupply of TNF-α and IFN-y destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, reducing the natural production of insulin. Due to the oversupply of TNF-α and IFN-y in type 2 diabetes, the body cells will resist the natural insulin in the body. The oversupply of IL-17 will empower the body’s auto-immunity, which in turn increases the severity of the diabetes and its associated symptoms.


Mr. Kode Musa

I had been suffering from diabetes for 22 years. My initial symptoms were weight loss, feeling of weakness, always being thirsty, and urinating frequently. I was diagnosed with diabetes having a blood sugar level of 180 mg/dL, so I began to take medication for diabetes. However, my health continued to deteriorate, I started having stomach ulcers, and suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. My diabetes became worse and my kidneys began to fail that I had to start having insulin injections. I was later introduced to Diabenox and began to take the capsules (one in the morning and one before bed) along with my diabetes medications. After four to five months, my blood sugar level was down to 106 mg/dL and I no longer needed insulin injections. My complexion also improved and got my healthy color back in my cheeks again.

Mrs. Kanchana Ritthem

Four years ago, I felt weak, dizzy and lethargic, and needed to urinate about ten times during the night. I could not control my bladder and had infection in my urinary tract. If i did not eat regularly, I would feel dizzy and start to perspire. I often get a blurry vision in my left eye. When i drive, I feel so tired that i have to pull over and take a nap. Last year I started to have numbness in my hands and left leg. These symptoms would last for two to three days at a time that i became afraid i would end up paralyzed. I was diagnosed with diabetes and I was given medication as my blood sugar level was over 100 mg/dL. After sometime, my blood sugar was still between 120-180 mg/dL, and i still feel dizzy and lethargic. I also had to urinate five to six times every night. After watching a TV program about Operation BIM I decided to try it. I started taking BIM capsules in May 2013 (two in the morning and two before bed) along with my diabetes medication, and after just three to four days, i felt more energetic and my vision improving. After two weeks, I felt stronger with none of the numbness in my fingers and toes, I could control urination (only once or twice at night), and I was also able to drive again. If I ate at irregular hours, i no longer suffer from dizziness and perspiration. After taking BIM for one month my blood sugar level was down to 107 mg/dL.

Mr. Kriengkrai Maiket

At the end of 2011, I had a wound on my second toe that would not heal. The wound had become so bad the following year that i was admitted to the hospital. The underlying problem causing the problem with my wound was diagnosed as diabetes, with a blood sugar level of over 200 mg/dL. I had to start having insulin injections every day. The wound was black and had a bad odor which had spread to the other toes so that three of them eventually got removed. I was seriously ill with my weight down to 39 kg, and had to be fed intravenously. After seven months, I was discharged from the hospital and told to rest at home as I was very weak and one of his toes got re-infected. I discovered BIM capsules and began taking six capsules a day. My appetite returned and after a month the re-infected wound on my toe started to improve and began to feel more energetic. After two to three months, the wound on my toe cleared up. I felt a lot better after four months with BIM that I reduced my intake to two capsules in the morning and two before bedtime. In April 2013, my blood sugar level had reduced to 110 mg/dL and weight had increased to 71 kg.

Mrs. Somboon Chomsaengkaew

I was diagnosed with diabetes since 1999, and in 2009, I had to start taking insulin injections. In 2011, I had problems with my kidneys and suffered from macular degradation (impaired vision) that led to undergo eye laser treatment. I also heard a grinding sound in my ears and both my hands and feet felt numb. I felt no pain even when my toe nail got pierced and bled. I also felt very lethargic and I had to sleep every afternoon. In the beginning of 2012, I’ve learned about BIM capsules and started taking them with my insulin injections. After just three days, the grinding sound in my ears decreased and began to regain feeling in my hands and feet. I blood sugar level was lower after 15 days and no longer felt any numbness or lethargy. After two months, both my blood pressure and blood sugar levels came down and I was able to reduce my dosage of insulin. Fourteen months later with BIM capsules, my blood pressure and blood sugar levels were back to normal and my insulin dosage was further reduced. my doctor also decreased the frequency of my eye checkups from every three months to every six months. By the end of 2013, I felt much healthier and was able to exercise walking 2 km per day. In February 2014, my blood sugar level was just 101 mg/dL, so my doctor stopped the insulin injections and just prescribed oral diabetic medication. My kidneys were also improving and i only had to go for my eye appointments every eight months. I now take two BIM capsules before bed.

Mrs. Sijinda Saiseangthong (Diabetes and Gout)

I suffer from diabetes with blood sugar levels of 180-200 ml since 1988 and started insulin injections in 1999. I could not see with my right eye and my left eye had blurry vision. Besides that, I was also diagnosed with gout 5 years ago. My left middle finger and my knee joint were very painful. Climbing the ladder had been difficult as it would only aggravate the pain. In 2013, the pain in my left knee was so unbearable and I couldn’t stand and walk and have to stay in the same position almost all the time when in bed. I was bed ridden for three months and felt very helpless. My daughter recommended BIM on August 12, 2013. I was able to walk around the bed on the first day of taking the product and was able to walk to the toilet with the aid of a walker on just the second day. And in October 2013, my blood sugar level significantly dropped to 58/ml; no more nausea and dizziness. My left eye vision became less blurry. My doctor then decreased my insulin dosage and in November 2013, my blood sugar level became 80/ml. Shrimp soup and octopus seemed to have no effect on my gout anymore. I was able to go back to using the stairs without feeling pain anymore. On December 18, 2013, my blood sugar level was at 54/ml. I took a total of 6 pink capsules/day: 2 capsules in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening and then reduced it to 4 capsules/day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. And after seeing some good results with my blood sugar and gout, I took 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening until I tapered it down to just 1 capsule in the evening.

Khun Samneang Malapong (Diabetes and Obesity)

The sugar and cholesterol levels in my blood had been consistently high even after taking some medications prescribed by my doctor. As a result, I often had headaches and felt dizzy. I had to make trips to the toilet around 4-5 times to pee which made it difficult to get some sleep. In March, I started taking BIM capsules together with my medicines after someone recommended the product to me. And in two weeks’ time, my blood sugar levels decreased and eventually became normal after a month of taking the product. I could already sleep well at night; no more headaches and dizziness. I continued taking BIM until September and the level of cholesterol in my blood stabilized. My doctor then advised to discontinue my medications for diabetes and decreased what I was taking to lower my cholesterol. My husband who’s paralyzed and my son who has allergies also took BIM and saw improvements on their conditions.

Jirathip Romlamunphunphon

I had diabetes with blood sugar level of 170-180mg/dL for five years. I’d always feel dizzy with blurred vision and irritated eyes. I’d also easily get fatigued and my fingers were always numb. Every morning, I’d feel really weak. Early this year, I watched a TV program and discovered BIM. I began taking BIM together with my medicines and in about fifteen days, my fingers became less numb. When I woke up in the morning, I did not feel weak anymore and the good news was I worked without feeling exhausted. My foot got wounded last April and I thought it wouldn’t heal because of diabetes. But the wound got better the week after. On the 20th of April, my blood sugar level dropped down to 120mg/dL – no more dizziness, blurred vision and irritated eyes.

Thetachai Kanoom

Three years ago, my blood sugar level was 170 mg/dL. It was difficult for me to sleep at night as I had to urinate several times (four times a night). And every time I was hungry, my hands would start shaking and I felt like passing out. My sister recommended BIM together with my medications. After a month of taking the product, I only had to urinate once at night. All other symptoms got better too. Last June, my blood sugar level dropped to 137mg/dL. And after two months, I discontinued taking my medications and continued taking BIM. I also did some exercises and ate nutritious meals.

Jidapa Sribay

I’ve been diabetic since I was young. I must have inherited it from my father who is also diabetic, while my mother had cancer. And because of my parents’ health issues, I made sure that I went for regular checkups. However, there’s this one checkup wherein my blood sugar count was more than 300.I haven’t even noticed the symptoms where my toe nails fell off while my feet were too numb to feel especially the left feet and left hands too. My skin developed tightness particularly when it’s cold and my vision has already been affected; my doctor was about to give me a shot, but I begged him not to because I was afraid of dying so he then told me that he’d give me more time to think about it. I then decided to take BIM, just 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. Afterwards, I noticed that the numbness in my feet and hands started to subside and my vision got better. Also, I used to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol count and used to take prescribed medication. But because of BIM, I now have low blood pressure and reduced cholesterol and blood sugar count so my doctor had reduced my daily dosage. The best thing was all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing disappeared.

Jantchai Poonpoksin

My blood sugar level was 180mg/dL and was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. Dizziness, tightness in my chest, weakness and drowsiness were few of the symptoms I felt. I couldn’t also sleep well at night because I had to urinate frequently. I easily got fatigued every time I crossed a bridge or walked long distances and got easily exhausted when at work. After my doctor advised me to take some medications, my blood sugar level dropped down to 130-160mg/dL. However, the symptoms weren’t gone and would still feel numbness on my left shoulder, fingers and hips. I began taking BIM in June 2013 together with the prescribed medicines and balanced diet. In just two weeks, I could sleep well because I’d seldom urinate at night. After a month, I got 60%-70% better. I did not feel exhausted at work and could walk long distances without much fatigue. My blood sugar level significantly dropped to 89mg/dL. I discontinued my medications and I’m taking BIM (2 blue capsules before breakfast and 2 blue capsules before dinner) for five months now.