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Balancing IMmunity (BIM) in Relation to the Treatment of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Arthrinox Capsules:
  • Scientifically proven to reduce the production of the inflammatory mediators TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-17 which cause inflammation
  • Increase collagen and cartilage growth when taken regularly
  • 100% all natural plant-based ingredients

Take 1 or 2 capsules, 2 times a day – 1 hour before meals or before bedtime


60 capsules in a bottle

Recommended for people with arthritis, gout, and autoimmune disorders

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Arthrinox Capsules

The Operation BIM research focuses on ways of balancing the immune system using products derived from natural plant extracts. Below are causes and symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; and the efficacy of BIM products in treating both.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is the result of the wearing down of the protective articular cartilage that covers the end of bones in major joints of the body such as the knees, hips, and spine.

As the cartilage degenerates, the body tries to repair itself and forms new bone growth known as bone spurs or ‘osteophytes’. The bone spurs cause pain when they rub against existing bones and tissues. As the cartilage degenerates and bone spurs form, there is a decrease in mobility in the joints and movement becomes painful. The formation of bone spurs also causes deformation of the joints where the combined outcome is restricted mobility in the joints and their inability to take the body’s weight causing instability.

The main cause of osteoarthritis is the natural aging process of the body and the general wear and tear of the joints. Excessive use of the joints may increase the advent of osteoarthritis. Genetics, or having suffered from other forms of arthritis, plays a part in the likelihood of one suffering from osteoarthritis. Although being overweight is not the main cause, it is a contributing factor that might trigger osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis usually begins with joint pains in the morning and when exercising. Other symptoms include slower movement and general pain in the joints, and hearing a grinding sound when moving the joints. There is also swelling in the tendons and tissues around the joints caused by the friction of bone spurs which also leads to the weakening of the muscles around the joints. The main characteristic of this disease is the extreme loss of the articular cartilage due to the degeneration by key mediators in the body.

Therefore, the only way to decrease pain in the joints is to prevent the degeneration of the cartilage and decrease the inflammation of the joints, thus allowing them to work more effectively again.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune and chronic disease in which the body’s immune system – which protects your health by attacking foreign substances like bacteria and viruses – mistakenly attacks your joints. The initial symptoms are pain and swelling in the joints, especially the fingers, feet and ankles. In serious cases, there will be major swelling and the bones will degrade until they become deformed eventually leading to disability in chronic cases.


Mr. Sampan Saleepalin (62 year old lecturer)

In the beginning of 2014, I started to feel pain in my knees and was having difficulty walking, especially going up and down the stairs. The pain prevented me from sleeping properly so I took pain killers. X-ray results later showed that I had osteoarthritis. Initially, my left knee was in worse condition than my right. After taking conventional medicine I saw no improvement in my condition. My right knee became worse than my left. Then I began to feel sharp pains in my back so I had an MRI scan and discovered that I had a trapped sacral nerve. Because of this, I had to take more medicines and do physiotherapy for four to five months. Still, the symptoms remained and sometimes I needed injections to relieve the pain. I was taking more than 10 pills a day with no end in sight. I became worried about the possible side effects on my kidneys and liver, so I decided to search for alternative methods on the Internet where I discovered BIM. I found a lot of scientific research results showing that use of the capsules had no side effects, that they were safe, and that they were produced from natural plant extracts. So I decided to start taking BIM capsules in September 2014. I was able to observe that after just six days, I felt less pain in my legs and was able to walk up and down the stairs without using the hand rail. After three weeks, I no longer showed outward signs of osteoarthritis. After four months of taking BIM, I felt that my left knee had improved by about 90%, my right knee by about 80%, and I no longer suffered from lower back pains.

Mrs. Wipa Ketsara (67 years old)

I had osteoarthritis for 4 – 5 years in both knees but it was worse in the left knee. I felt pain deep inside my knees, which were inflamed. The back of my knee joints were also swollen with fluid retention, the size of an egg, which I had drained twice but it came back both times. I had difficulty getting in and out of the car and getting up without assistance after sitting down. When moving my legs or massaging my knees I heard a cracking sound. In 2013 my daughter introduced me to Arthrinox, and after taking the capsules for 2 weeks I felt better, with less pain and swelling in my knees. After 2 months my knees improved by about 90%. I regained mobility in my knees and could walk easily again. The fluid retention also disappeared. After taking Arthrinox for 2 years, there’s no more pain in my knees and feel that I have completely recovered.

Mrs. Thong Santhong (76 years old)

Ten years ago while gardening, I felt awful pain in my left knee and had to be taken to the hospital. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and calcification of my knee joints. The doctor injected lubrication fluid into my knees so that I could walk again. Later on though, the pain in my knees returned and I had to use a walking stick for several years. I also had to sleep on the ground floor as going up the stairs became impossible for me. I needed help to get out of a chair and could only walk short distances without pain in my knees. Both of my knees also made cracking noises when I moved so that every morning and evening I had to have a knee and leg massage. If I wanted to stretch my legs or bend my knees, I had to do it slowly and use my hands to help move my legs. I also began to get pain on my shoulders from using a walking stick and relying on my arms more. In the beginning of 2013, while waiting to have a knee operation, my daughter introduced me to BIM. After 2 – 3 months of taking the capsules, I could walk with less pain, go up and down the stairs, do household chores, ride a motorcycle again, and even walk 1 Km to my daughter’s house. By May that same year, I no longer experienced knee pain except a little stiffness with my legs. Apart from the improvements in my arthritis, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels went down, so the doctor also reduced my medication for these. After taking BIM capsules for one and a half years I have regained full mobility and can even run to answer the phone now!

Mrs. Prapa Bunnag (64 years old)

I used to have swollen, painful knees for six years. I had difficulty going up and down the stairs having to do so one step at a time. I also had to sit on a chair to put on trousers, but could not sit on the floor or do any exercise. I could not sleep at times due to the pain in her knees. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and not having enough lubrication fluid in her knee joints. I went for massages, took painkillers, and wore a knee support. I was worried about the side effects of the pain killers so I stopped taking them and began to have physiotherapy heat treatment every other day for many months to try to relieve the pain, but my symptoms continued. When I went on holiday I could not walk around sightseeing, as I had done in the past, which depressed me as previously I enjoyed travelling and walking. Then in August 2014 her son’s friend introduced Arthrinox to her. After six weeks of taking the capsules the swelling decreased. She could put on her trousers in a standing position, no longer needed knee supports, and could walk to the shops and even go jogging. By the end of the year, she was able to take a 10-day trip to Europe to visit all the attractions she wanted to see and even walked in the snow. After taking Arthrinox for a year, walking up the stairs became an easy task. Now, she is planning more overseas trips!

Mrs. Thaep Dejpichai (73 years old)

At the end of 2010, my right knee was swollen and was making clicking sounds so I massaged it with tiger balm and went to the hospital for an X-ray. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I had to walk very slowly up and down the stairs and could not sit on the floor. I did not want to take conventional medicines because I heard that they have side effects and might cause calcification of the knee joint. So I decided to try alternative therapies including oil massage and herbal compresses, but they did not solve the problem. A year later, my daughter saw a TV programme about BIM research and how their product could help arthritis. So I went to listen to a lecture by Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra and started taking BIM capsules. After that my arthritis improved significantly. I could walk comfortably again and go up and down the stairs easily. I was very impressed with the overall results.

Mr. Surapon Wararak (62 years old)

A few years ago while playing football, I had an accident where I fell. Since then, I had been experiencing pain in my knees which was aggravated by the regular long-distance driving I had to do at work. At the age of 60, I felt that my general health was in decline. I would hear a cracking sound from my knees and feel pain when driving especially when using the clutch causing me to massage my knees every morning. Putting on trousers and sitting cross-legged became difficult for me that I had to move my legs with my hands. When driving long distances, I had to use the toilets for the physically challenged and hold on to the railing due to the stiffness in my knees. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and almost had knee surgery. In June 2011, my wife and I went to a lecture about BIM and decided to take the capsules. After seven months, my symptoms had improved and I could lift my knees and sit cross-legged easily. I no longer heard the cracking sound from my knees and did not need to massage my knees anymore. I also no longer had knee pain and could walk with confidence and kneel on the floor again, although not for a long time. I even started playing “Takraw” (kick volleyball) regularly!

Ms. Jariya Deangpongs

My knee bones started deteriorating 5 years ago. Painful knees were usually the result of using the stairs, crossing my legs while sitting and walking for a long period of time. And in June, I met an accident that broke left leg and so I had to wear a cast. Luckily, my nephew recommended Ulcinok and in a month’s time, my broken bone was fast recovering. I could stand up, wear my pants, use the stairs, cross my legs while sitting without experiencing any pain at all. I am taking Ulcinok for more than 3 months now.

Ms. Thirada Siripat

My work involved a lot of walking and lifting heavy stuff. I could remember how painful my knees were every time I stood up, a burning kind of pain coupled with numbness on my left leg. The pain would aggravate every time I use the stairs. Kneeling and crossing my legs were as painfully terrible. The X-ray result of my left knee showed that the bones weren’t aligned causing so much pain. The same thing happened to my right knee. In June, somebody recommended Arthrinox. So, I decided to stop taking the pain killers and took the product (four pink capsules in the morning and four in the evening) for seven days so as to test if the product really works. The symptoms improved so much that I still continue taking the product, but two green capsules in the morning and two pink capsules in the evening. Now, I could stand up longer than before, feeling lesser pain, and in a month’s time, I only felt 40% of pain when lifting heavy stuff. Two months later, I could use the stairs with ease and comfort. And in three months, X-ray result showed that the bones in my knees were already aligned. Although I avoided lifting heavy stuff, sitting cross-legged and kneeling, I felt 90% better and could stand up with no pain at all after five months of using the product.

Thiradet Treeburut

I used to have allergies for 10 years. Every time I was exposed to a windy or dusty place, I’d have runny nose, cough and itchiness around my eyes, nose and cheeks. Five years ago, I also felt pain in my fingers so I had my checkup and found out that my uric acid was at 7mg/dl. In September 2012, my uric acid level went up to 7.7 mg/dl. In March 2013, I had severe pain in my fingers and toes. The pain was so terrible that I could hardly walk and drive. I also had GERD. Every after breakfast and lunch, I’d usually have a very sore throat. One day, I was watching Truevision TV program and discovered BIM supplements after watching Dr. Pichaet’s short seminar. I then started taking the product (1 sachet of Mangosteen juice concentrate in the morning, 2 pink capsules before lunch, 2 green capsules in the evening and 2 green capsules before bed time) in March 2013; and in just a week’s time, I had no more GERD. After two weeks of taking the product, my allergies were also gone even when I was inside an air-conditioned room or windy and dusty environment. In two months’ time, I experienced no pain in my fingers and feet and could already walk at ease.

Phatanna Nareejan

If I walked long distances, my right knee got so painful. I also always had pain in my hips that I had to stop walking and stretch my legs for a little bit. The pain made it difficult for me to sit as well. When I used the stairs, I had to climb slowly while resting in between steps. I also needed to hold the rail for balance and support. After four years, I found out that I had arthritis. In November last year, my friend introduced BIM to me and in about 15 days, I got better. I had no pain in my knees and hips. Walking and sitting became easy and I had no more fears using the stairs. I have been taking BIM for 4 months now.

Wiwat Antali

I had my x-ray done after I felt a terrible pain in my neck and numbness in my right arm. The x-ray results showed that the nerves in my neck were degenerating and that I had to wear neck brace for support. I also had pain in my knee. Every time I walked, the pain aggravated and persisted for one year. I watched a TV program and discovered BIM. I took the product and I felt better – no more pain in my neck and knee. The numbness in my arm was gone too. I felt like I got stronger than before. Now, I am no longer wearing the neck brace, and I am riding my bike again.

Nathawan Leeaophokpan

I suffered from arthritis three years ago, and I was so depressed and annoyed because I couldn’t wear my favorite high-heel shoes anymore as it caused too much pain in my right knee. Whenever I sat down for a long time and had to stand up, I needed to hold and support my back because it was very painful and uncomfortable. Not until last March when my friend recommended me the BIM capsules. I was taking 2 capsules twice a day. I was happy with the result after 7 days because I could no longer feel the pain in my right knee anymore; I can now stand and walk without having grinding sensation in my joints. Thanks to BIM capsules!

Titima Suphalak

I started suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis when I reached the age of 30. It was really difficult for me to get up from bed and the pain got worse especially when it was cold. When I turned 50 years old, the pain aggravated up to my knee joints and it came to a point that I had to grab on the railings, used an umbrella or asked my son’s help so I could walk. I could not even walk as far as 100 meters and I often ended up sitting on sidewalks. On top of that, my shoulders and hands were too stiff that I couldn’t even lift heavy things anymore. Someone suggested me to try BIM capsules. I was taking 2 pink capsules every morning, afternoon and at night. I also accompanied it with the intake of BIM mangosteen juice. After a month of taking BIM supplements, I could already use my hands to lift heavy things with no pain felt at all. At present, everything has gone back to normal. I can now walk properly, travel alone and do shopping all myself. In fact, I can now even walk through Victory Monument foot bridge without feeling any pain in my joints, as if nothing happened. I can say that my body has become stronger now.

Mrs. Somchit Kesornbua (Osteoarthritis, overactive bladder and trigger finger)

In 2013, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My right knee and foot were swollen and painful that made it too difficult for me to use the stairs or walk long distances. I could also hardly move my fingers; I could not straighten them easily not to mention how painful my thumb was. I also had sudden urge to urinate. The doctor told me I had an overactive bladder and advised me to take medications but nothing happened. I discovered Mangosteen juice and Arthrinox online. At first, I was hesitant to take the products thinking that they might not do me anything good and would just worsen my condition. I thoroughly researched the products and discovered their efficacy through people’s testimonials. I then started taking Mangosteen juice (1 pack per day) and Arthrinox (1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule before bedtime). After a week, my knee and foot were no longer swelling and the pain was gone. My thumb wasn’t painful anymore too. I got better and I’m really satisfied with the products.

Sagun Praphaso

I suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis for about 15 years. My hands and feet were swollen and I felt severe pains on my hips and joints including my jaw. I could not even wear my shoes because of my swollen feet nor could not walk without suffering from any pain. I was also diagnosed with ovarian cyst with 3-4 centimeter size. I was experiencing abdominal pain every time I had my menstruation. Luckily, I was able to have it treated and my ovarian cyst disappeared. However, the cyst came back after two years and the size got even bigger, about 7 centimeters. I have known BIM since July 2012 and I’ve been using it as my self-medication. Now, all the pains have subsided and in just 3 months of use, my ovary cyst reduced to 1 centimeter. I can now swim and exercise. I can say that I’ve been more than 90% better and still going strong since the last 7 months.

Mrs. Urai Suriyayanyong (Osteoarthritis and psoriasis)

My knee was painful for ten years. The pain aggravated every time I walked long distances. At night, I could not sleep well because of the terrible pain in my right hip that would radiate down to my knee. My doctor prescribed some medications but I did not take them – afraid of their negative effects on my liver and kidneys. I took Arthrinox and noticed that the patches on my skin because of psoriasis – another problem I had for years – got better. After the second bottle, I had no more pain in my hip and knee.

Praphot Dejapeht

I used to play football and volleyball and do a lot of exercises. When I was young, I accidentally hurt my knees while playing football. I went to the doctor and was advised to rest. The pain worsened every time I crossed my legs while sitting. I also had a hard time standing up and had to hold on to something for support. I took pain relievers and muscle relaxant but they didn’t help. I discovered BIM capsules after three months and started taking the product. I took 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before bedtime. After a month, I got better. Everything is back to normal now.

Mrs. Apiraporn Boonsuk (Osteoarthritis)

I had osteoarthritis. My hips, knees and legs were painful that walking, climbing the stairs and sitting became difficult. At night, I could not sleep well because of the pain. I was watching an interview on the TV about people who also had osteoarthritis. They were all talking about Operation BIM. After researching the product online, I started taking it and in three days I no longer felt any pain anymore. I also felt stronger than before in at least fifteen days.

Thanaporn Choknakin

I had a severe pain in my right knee that made it difficult for me to drive. Every time I drove, I had to stop and massage my knee to ease the pain. I couldn’t also meditate because sitting while my legs were crossed would aggravate the pain. The pain persisted even when I was not doing anything. My sister suggested BIM to me and after taking the product (2 capsules in morning and 2 capsules before bedtime and then changed it to 1 capsule a day), I felt better. I can now drive for a long time and meditate without any pain in my knees.