60 capsules

Balancing IMmunity (BIM) in relation to the treatment of allergies
Allerginok Capsules:
  • Effectively stimulate the action of Th1 and T-reg white blood cells which suppress Th2 (particularly IL-5 which is released from Th2) which is the cause of airborne allergy
  • 100% all natural plant-based ingredients

2 capsules 2-3 times a day, 1 hour before meals or before bedtime


60 Capsules per bottle

Recommended for people experiencing allergic reactions to airborne allergens

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Allerginok Capsules

The Operation BIM research studies focus on ways of balancing the immune system using products derived from natural plant extracts.

Allerginok was developed using synergistic substances derived from extracts of mangosteen, black sesame, soy, Centella asiatica and guava. It has been proven to effectively stimulate the action of Th1 and T-reg white blood cells at the Biomedical Technology Research Center. Below are causes and symptoms of various allergies and the efficacy of BIM products in treating them.

Allergies occur when the body’s immune system comes in contact with certain proteins or allergens in the environment.

When someone with an allergy is exposed to allergens in the environment, the immune system mistakes these allergens for a serious threat triggering the creation of antibodies that attack the allergen and cause the excretion of histamine in body tissues. Allergic symptoms differ depending on which organs they occur in, e.g., sneezing and chest congestion from asthma. Allergies can be caused by genetics, from a virus attack when young or environmental factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke, pollens, dust mites, animal dander, or the use of antibiotics. Sometimes allergies can be life-threatening.

According to immunologists, allergies occur because the Th2 white blood cells are over stimulated until they overbalance. This overbalance can be decreased with the stimulation of more Th1 white blood cells and T-reg white blood cells, which help relieve the patient’s allergic symptoms.


Yuphin Santhong

Eight years ago, whenever I slept in an air-conditioned room or whenever I went to a place where the climate’s cold, I always had to wear mask to keep from having a sore throat and runny nose. And when I sneezed, there was blood. There were times I had to breathe through my mouth due to a stuffy nose, and slept with a high pillow. Whenever I went to the Pineapple farm, my face swelled, my eyes got red and itchy, and sneezed a lot. I would get red bumps at the side of my nose at the smell of bathroom cleaning materials or fumes. I used to feel fatigued whenever I talked for a long period of time. But when I started using BIM last September 2011, I noticed that my runny nose became less. After over five months of using the product, my health was back to normal. No more sore throat, drowsiness, and runny nose even when in an air-conditioned room. Breathing became easier for me. I continue to take BIM (2 green capsule in the morning and 2 in the evening) because it makes me feel healthier and refreshed.

Nadnapa Rodwattanakul

I had an allergy for ten years. At first, I thought allergy was only all about coughing, non-stop sneezing, and runny nose. But my kind of allergy is called conjunctivitis. In the morning, I’d always experience too much itchiness on my eyes. They turned red and felt like there’s sand inside. It’s painful and later on, I developed headache. I also got allergic to the smell of garlic, chili or even perfumes. And if I smell any of these, I would sneeze so much. Aside from that, I’d always feel tired and didn’t want to drive anywhere. Accidentally, I’ve found BIM and tried it for about a month. After one month, my eyes didn’t feel itchy anymore. I can now smell things better. I can cook and even love smelling my daughter’s perfume without worrying about any allergic reactions. My health is 90% better and my memory has improved. Now, I’m using *BIM (2 green capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening) for about 2 years. I feel like an old tree that became strong again.


Five years ago, I was allergic to a lot of things – fumes, dust, and sudden weather or temperature changes. Even cooking made me sneeze, and I had a reaction to the smell of perfumes. One day, my co-worker introduced to me BIM (green bottle), so I tried it. On the first day I took the capsules before bedtime. After 3 days of taking the capsules, I already felt better.

Suree Nititham

Suree Nithitham, a 50 yr. old teacher suffered from asthma and allergy. I was deprived of eating ice cream and I couldn’t take a bath when the weather was cold as it might stimulate the symptoms such as flu, runny nose and severe headache. I always used asthma spray especially at night because I was having a difficulty in breathing that I couldn’t sleep. Although the symptoms subsided when I had my Chinese treatment, it was inconvenient for me to continue it since the treatment was every week. Last April 2013, I discovered BIM capsules on the internet and was amazed by the results week after week after week. I can now breathe normally and can sleep well at night after 2 weeks of use. On my 3rd week, sudden change of the weather didn’t bother me anymore because my asthma was gone. Up to now, I still take 1 sachet of mangosteen juice with 2 BIM capsules 3x a day.

Natthaporn Haewdee

When I was young, I used to have rashes all over my body. Moreover, I also experienced severe stomach ache which often started at 2am. Every time I had stomach ache, I had this difficulty in breathing. Due to my condition, my sister advised me to take BIM and my condition got better. In just 1 week of taking BIM capsules, my rashes had already decreased. I continued taking BIM and all the rashes were gone after 3 months. Moreover, the stomach ache I also used to suffer from was also gone. I then recommended BIM both to my diabetic father and to my mother who is suffering from low blood count and numbness. After taking BIM capsules, both of them have become much stronger now!

Sorn Pharekrungrod

I could not breathe well and could not sleep at night because of my allergy. I was allergic to fog and dust. Since I was working for a car company which had a dusty environment, the symptoms became more serious. Therefore, I started taking BIM capsules along with the medications prescribed by my doctor, hoping to be healthy again. After two years of continuous medication, I had no more allergy. Up to now, I still take one BIM capsule in the morning and one capsule before bedtime.

Amphan Thoprasert

I had allergic reactions to smoke, dust, flowers, fur and cold weather for almost 30 years. Whenever I was exposed to any of these, I’d have runny nose and sneezing. My doctor advised me to take 8 tablets every day. When I tried Operation BIM, I felt better immediately after taking only 4 capsules (2 in the morning and 2 at night). My husband noticed that my allergies were gone and he was happy for me.


I had been suffering from allergy for about 20 years. I was allergic to flowers, dust and fur. I had undergone several treatments just to get rid of it, yet my condition did not get any better. When my allergy attacked, I always sneezed and my eyes were swelling. It often took 3 – 4 days before my eyes got back to normal. In addition, I also experienced numbness in my hands. So, I went to see a doctor to have my health condition checked. The doctor said I had to go for an operation. However, when I watched a TV program about Operation BIM, I decided to try it first if they would work for me. In just 10 days of taking the capsules, I already felt better and I didn’t have allergy attack any longer. At present, I still continue to take 2 BIM capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon every day.

Chi-sanucha Wongkuan

I had allergy and asthma before which made me suffer from runny nose and difficulty in breathing. In the past, there was always white fluid coming out of my nose which caused me too much inconvenience. The cold weather as well as exposure to sunlight worsened my condition. As a result, I had to bring my Bronchodilators and medicine every day just in case my allergy and asthma attacked again. And then, my friend recommended me to take BIM capsules. I took 2 Allerginok capsules in the morning and 2 before bedtime. The result was really surprising because in just 2 weeks, all the symptoms were gone. Exposure to sunlight and the cold weather are no longer a problem for me; in fact, I don’t need to use my Bronchodilator anymore.

Ramphai Riya-ad (Hyperthyroidism and allergy)

I used to suffer from allergies for over 10 years. When I had my allergy attacks, I sniffled and sneezed all the time. At night, I couldn’t sleep because of runny nose. During rainy season, I’d always had to wear thick jacket otherwise I’d have a cold and flu for about 3-4 days. I was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Irregular heartbeats, fatigue and weight loss were some of the symptoms I experienced. These were lessened when I started taking BIM. I no longer had clogged and runny nose, no more colds, fatigue, and irregular heartbeats. I also gained wait and could sleep tight at night.


I was allergic to dust, sudden weather change and newspaper for over 30 years. I would usually sneeze the time I woke up and even while cooking. My doctor gave me some medications which only made me gain weight. So when my husband was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and kidney inflammation, my sister informed us to consult Prof. Dr. Pichaet and try Operation BIM capsules. After two months of taking the product, I felt better. I did not sneeze anymore even when exposed to smoke, pollution or scent of perfume. I am more confident now.

Punnapha Maisoong

In 1991, I was working in Cha-am and because of the cold weather there, I found myself sneezing and having a cold in the mornings that would only stop in the afternoon. Then in 1993, I moved to Bangkok in an air conditioned office and while I was working, I kept sneezing. There was a time when I could feel severe pain at the bridge of my nose that spread up to the tip of my eyebrow; one side of my face felt like burning. In cold weather or if I slept with air-conditioning on, I sneezed and coughed a lot causing irritation to my throat and difficulty in breathing, so I used liquid balm. I was also taking anti-allergy tablets then, but still needed to use saline to clear my nose two times a day; one in the morning and one in the evening, three days per week. Whenever I felt pain in my nose and cheeks, I used inhaler to relieve it. A year ago, every time I awoke and stood up in the morning, my eyes were blurry and I would feel dizzy. My head was so heavy that I had to lie down again and close my eyes for 10 minutes before trying to stand and walk again. I was like this all along without knowing the causes of these symptoms. I did research and watched some related testimonials on BIM capsules. I started taking BIM capsules then after three months, I no longer needed to take anti-allergy tablets or use saline or an inhaler to clear my nose. My dizziness vanished too. At first, I really didn’t believe in BIM capsules because I just heard stories and I have seen so many products around, but when I started taking it, my life has become much better. Thanks to all the researchers who created BIM capsules. This helps people with different chronic health problems and gives them the chance to live a healthy life.

Ms. Daran Jittikornwig

I suffered from allergies since i was in secondary school when the weather was very hot or cold. I encounter a lot of dust. I was suffering from difficulty in breathing, sneezing continuously, a sore throat, nasal problems including a runny nose every morning, and itchy and dry eyes which were stuck together when i wake up in the morning. My sister-in-law found out about BIM from a TV program and tried the capsules on her daughter who suffered from allergies. There was a lot of improvement on the daughter, so she introduced it to me, who also tried the capsules. After a month or two, my symptoms reduced, my complexion improved, and i began to sleep better. I have been taking BIM capsules for five years now.

Jirapharat Sanwanangkitt

I used to have allergies for almost 10 years – every morning after waking up I sneezed a lot. When the weather changed, I experienced a stuffy nose and breathing problem. Each time I walked out from air-conditioned department stores to the warm outdoors I would immediately have a runny nose and a fever. The smell of cigarette smoke and perfumes made me cough non-stop sometimes for almost a month coupled with dizziness. I easily developed a sore throat, a cold and a fever when I had cold drinks. And for 4-5 years, whenever my menstruation came, I also had fever and severe leg and back pains which would last for a week. I started taking BIM capsules with my sister early this year. And in just two weeks, my breathing became better in the mornings and I didn’t get a sore throat after. After a month, I noticed that I was able to sleep better at night and my dizziness was gone; my menstruation also became regular. I continue to take a pack of Mangosteen juice and two capsules of BIM capsules before breakfast and two capsules again before sleeping.

Prima Suksa-ad

I had allergy for about 4 years. I sneeze a lot in the morning especially when the room is dusty. Cleaning my nose and taking some medications used to be part of my daily routine. During rainy days, my eyes would start to swell and later leave dark circles underneath them, so, I need to take more medicines to avoid this. My friend’s daughter has an allergy too. She tried *BIM and got better, so my mom advised me to take it too. I started taking BIM since August 2012. Within 5-6 months, the dark circles slowly subside including the eye puffiness and I no longer experience too much runny nose. I also didn’t need to take a lot of medicines anymore. I am no longer worried about rainy days. My skin got whiter and I could sleep well and felt very fresh every time I wake up in the morning. And in just 2 weeks, the popping sound in my wrist disappeared. I have been taking *BIM (1 green capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening and later on changed to 2 pink capsules for 2 weeks and then back to green capsule) for about 1 year without any other medications.